Foot Therapy


Relax + Renew + Revive

“There’s the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins

Luxury Foot Treatment

Our signature foot treatment will treat the most overworked feet.  After a nail analysis, enjoy a relaxing foot soak in our signature Peppermint soaking elixir. Your feet and legs are then treated to a dry exfoliation and stimulating massage designed to increase circulation.  Followed by nail shaping, cuticle work, and extra exfoliation.  Enjoy the tranquility as your feet benefited from a heated butter treatment and wrapped in warm linens. This luxury service also includes our amazing Healthy Nail Treatment.
Benefits: This treatment focus on the health and well being of your feet, increasing circulation, exfoliation, intense skin hydration, massage, cleaning, filing and buffing nails; trimming cuticles, finishing with our signature healthy nail treatment.  (This service does not include traditional nail polish

60 Minute Treatment $90





This therapy focuses on pressure points on the reflex zones of your feet to balance the meridians of the body and bring a greater sense of wholeness and body integrity
Benefits:  Stimulates nerve function, increases energy, boost circulation, induces a deep state of relaxation to name just a few.


60 Minute Treatment $95 Upgrade to RMT $125



Alpine Mint Foot Massage

This treatment focuses on the feet with in-depth work to increase circulation and balance the body.  This massage is designed to relieve stress, decrease fatigue, and encourage a sense of well-being. Treat the feet with the ultimate foot pampering, featuring a peppermint massage from the knee to the tips of your toes.
Benefits: increased circulation; intense skin hydration, relieves stress

∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙This service can be upgraded to RMT∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙

25 Minute Treatment  $70

Foot Revitalizer

Relief for your tired, aching feet! Begin with a relaxing foot soak in our peppermint elixir followed with a warmed sea salt and sugar exfoliation, massage, warm peppermint treatment, moisturizing therapy cream & and soothing mist.
Benefits:  increase circulation, intense skin hydration, massage, smooths and soften tired feet
Note this treatment does not include nail work or treatment.

25 Minute Treatment  $70