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Gentlemen’s Only

Gentlemen can enjoy tailored male spa treatments with products created exclusively for men.


“the best investment is in yourself”

The Whiskey Sour Body Treatment

Kalola Spa is offering this boozy treatment an invigorating 50-minute experience starts with a brown sugar-and-bourbon body scrub followed by a warm shower with a slather of customized tobacco and sandalwood signature butter.

When done, relax in one of the four outdoor hot tubs and dry sauna.

75 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙ $195∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $135

Arnica Sports Massage ** using our arnica blend with a Registered Massage Therapist

This deep therapeutic massage uses a blend of herbal oils that warms and soothes muscles. Arnica extract is used to ease chronic muscle tension and stimulate soft tissue repair. Receive classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions, and deep tissue work to restore mobility, vitality and body comfort.

50 Minutes  $165


Deep Tissue Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist

This firm to deep pressure massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue. This massage is ideal for individuals who experience areas of pain and/or are athletic or involved in a heavy physical activity.

25 Minutes $125∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $170

80 Minutes $250∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙120 Minutes $370

Locals’ Club

25 minutes $95∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙50 Minutes $110∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙80 Minutes $160


Swedish Massage

This light to medium pressure massage is designed exclusively for relaxation. Enjoy long, light strokes and gentle kneading.

25 Minutes Kalola Spa $95 ∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙60 Minutes Kalola Spa $130

80 Minutes Kalola Spa $185 ∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙120 Minutes Kalola Spa $250

Locals’ Club

25 Minutes $60 ∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙60 Minutes $85∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙80 Minutes $125


Tension Target Massage

Do you have a specific area of concern? Try our 25 minutes Targeted Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist to relieve tension.

25 minutes, with RMT∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$115

Locals’ Club  25 minutes, with RMT∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙ $85


Distinguished Male Facial or Men’s Only Facial

This customized Organic Male facial is designed for all skin types and treats dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin, as well as skin irritation and ingrown hairs associated with shaving.

Suggested add-on  –  Venus Freeze Facial Treatment

60 Minutes $145

Locals’ Club

60 minutes $95


Rugged Man Scrub and Massage

Designed especially for the active man, this treatment commences with an essential oil salt and sugar exfoliation to cleanse and repair skin.  A full body massage follows leaving you refreshed and energized.

75 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$175∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $130


Men’s Back Facial

In-grown hair? Bacne? Dry? Itchy? We’ve got your back.
A Deep Cleansing Facial for your back. This extremely popular treatment is designed to give the hardest to reach and the largest expanse of your body the care that everywhere else gets. The treatment includes a professional cleanse, customized exfoliation, extractions (if needed), customized mask, and hydrating application custom-tailored to your skin type.

75 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙ $185∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $150


Back Cleanse

Can’t quite reach your back?  This express treatment is a quick 3 step process; a professional cleanse, an exfoliation and a moisturizer application.  Once done, you can put on your shirt and go, knowing that even that hard-to-reach area got some TLC.

25 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$95


Manscaping (Waxing for Men)

More than ever before, men are opting to remove unwanted hair, and there is no better way to show off your body. At Kalola you have come to the right place; our staff are exceptionally trained to help you look and feel good.    Upper Body – Full Back including Shoulders – Lower Back – Upper Back – Shoulders – Full Chest including Shoulders – Stomach – Full Arms – Half Arms – Under Arms – Hands – Lower Body – Full Leg – Upper Leg – Lower Leg – Toes – Face – Eyebrows – Forehead – Upper Cheek – Nose – Ears


Mudslide Body Treatment

Get dirty with this specialized, highly active enzymatic dead sea mud packed with nutrient-rich minerals. This treatment begins with sea salt exfoliation followed by a thermal dead sea mud wrap and finishing with a hydrating treatment. This treatment helps to purify, brighten, nourish and regenerate the skin. This treatment is exceptional for oily and break-out prone skin.
Ideal Add on to this Service Venus Freeze Body Treatment

75 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$195 Locals’ Club $135


Gentleman’s Pedicure

Enjoy a warm soak, exfoliation and soothing massage with products designed exclusively for men, followed by complete nail grooming.

60 Minute Treatment∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙ $110∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Locals’ Club $90


Gentleman’s Manicure

Enjoy a warm soak, moisturizer application, and complete nail grooming with products designed exclusively for men.

30 Minute Treatment∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙  $60∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙ Locals’ Club $50