Massage Treatments


Relax + Renew + Balance

“The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” – Buddha

Registered Massage Therapy

This spa treatment is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Your RMT will provide you with a receipt, for insurance purposes, available for pick-up upon check-out.

This spa treatment is safe to have during pregnancy. Please inform your spa therapist which trimester you are in so that they may accommodate you.

This spa treatment is a therapeutic massage customized to your specific needs and is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Your RMT will discuss your specific needs at the beginning of your treatment. The massage may be geared towards relaxation or may have a deeper focus on specific areas of tension. Massage therapy helps to release tension, restore muscle integrity, and bring balance to the body as a whole. Your therapist can use a personalized blend of essential oils to massage away pain, increase joint mobility and deeply relax specific areas of tension.  The only treatments that are eligible for a receipt for insurance purposes at Kalola Life In Balance Spa are the Swedish Massage and Prenatal Massage. The receipt will be issued by the RMT for pick-up upon check-out.

BENEFITS::  Increases the blood flow and assists with lymphatic circulation and drainage, decreases muscle pain and helps to reduce tension.  Increases mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles.  Assists in relaxation and deduction of stress and leave you with an overall well-being. 

TRY THIS TREATMENT IF:  You have poor circulation, poor flexibility, and mobility.  If you have muscle / joint pain and tension.  If you have tension headaches and need some stress relief.  If you are covered for Registered Massage Treatments through your health benefits.

Add $15 for aromatherapy when added to your massage..

25 Minutes $115∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $160

80 Minutes $240∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙120 Minutes $360

Locals’ Club

25 minutes $85∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $100∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙80 Minutes $150


Relaxation Swedish Blend Massage

The massage may be geared towards relaxation.  Surrender yourself to this gentle de-stressing massage composed of long, smooth, gliding strokes.  This massage will help to release tension, restore muscles, and bring balance to the body and mind. Your therapist can use a personalized blend of essential oils to assist in relaxation.  This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

BENEFITS:  Increases the blood flow and assists with lymphatic circulation, decreases muscle tension and stress.  Increases mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles.  Assists in relaxation and deduction of stress and leave you with an overall well-being.

TRY THIS TREATMENT IF:  You have poor circulation, poor flexibility, and stress  If you have muscle and tension.  If you have tension headaches and need some stress relief. .


25 Minutes $95∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $130

80 Minutes $185∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙120 Minutes $250

Locals’ Club

25 minutes $60∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $85∙∙∙✧∙80 Minutes $125


Couple’s Side by Side Massage

Nestle in one of our comfortable double treatment rooms and experience the relaxing benefits of massage together as a couple, as friends or in groups. Two individual tables and Therapists/Practitioners are used to provide a massage that is personalized to each client’s needs.

60 Minutes $260∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Upgrade to RMT $320

Locals Club $170∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Upgrade to RMT $200


RMT Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for guests looking for either a deep tissue, neuromuscular or sports massage or a combination of all three.  Deep tissue massage is a strong, focused massage that targets deeper layers of the muscle tissue and fascia while breaking down adhesions. Neuromuscular massage utilizes deep pressure and friction to release areas of strain on specific points for relief of pain and promote increased mobility and balance the central nervous system.  Sports massage combine deep tissue massage with passive and active stretching techniques the goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from an event.

25 Minutes $125∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $170

80 Minutes $250∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙120 Minutes $370


Hot Stone Massage

This spa treatment has been identified as a Spa Gem – a favourite amongst our staff! 

 Enjoy a relaxing journey with this full body massage. Your therapist will use a unique combination of hot basalt stones and essential oils to loosen and stretch your muscles, gently massaging away tension and stress. This is a relaxation massage and therefore strong pressure is not applied (no exceptions). The entire massage is performed using the stones to apply gentle or moderated pressure. The emphasis is on the combination of soothing heat, the smooth contact and gentle weight of the stones, and the aroma from the essential oils you’ve chosen. This treatment can be adjusted for: sunburn, low blood pressure, controlled high blood pressure, allergies, diabetes, and cancer.


BENEFITS:  The heat from the stones helps to promote circulation and relax muscles. This massage includes hands on massage and placement of hot stones.
DETOXIFICATION EFFECT:  The heat from the stones allows oils to absorb in and add additional hydration to your skin.  The stones are basalt (mineral) which has a “grounding” and balancing” effect on your body and relaxes your mind.

TRY THIS TREATMENT IF:  You are wanting a gentler massage that helps to relax tense muscles.  Because the heat from the stones help to warm the muscles your therapist can offer benefit of massage faster as they have assistance if warming the muscles and tissues.  If you enjoy a heated treatment of, find heat reduces your joint of muscle discomfort this may be the treatment for you.

60 Minutes $165∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Upgrade to RMT $195∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙80 Minutes $190∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Upgrade to RMT $250

Locals’ Club $100∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Upgrade to RMT $145


Indian Head Massage

This unique treatment uses acupressure points and massage to help relieve headaches, eyestrain, sinus pressure, nasal congestion, tinnitus, jaw pain and insomnia. Included are upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This traditional form of head massage has been practiced in India for over 1,000 years. Perfect on its own or as an add-on to a Massage, Facial or Body Treatment.

25 Minutes $95∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Upgrade to RMT $105

Locals’ Club $60


Tension Target Massage

Do you have a specific area of concern? Try our Targeted Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist to relieve tension.

25 minutes, with RMT∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$115

Locals’ Club  25 minutes, with RMT∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙ $85


Alpine Mint Foot Massage

Treat the feet with the ultimate foot pampering, featuring a peppermint massage from the knee to the tips of your toes.

25 Minutes $100∙∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Upgrade to RMT $110

Locals’ Club $70∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Upgrade to RMT $95



This ancient Oriental method of massage is applied to pressure points on the soles of the feet that correspond to internal organs of the body. Through stimulation, energy lines in the body are cleared.

60 Minutes $130∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Upgrade to RMT $150

Locals’ Club   $85∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙ Upgrade to RMT $100


Traditional Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques and is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing. “Shiatsu” translates as “finger Pressure”. Non-RMT massage.

25 Minutes $95∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $130

80 Minutes $185∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙120 Minutes $350

Locals’ Club

25 minutes $60∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙60 Minutes $85∙∙∙✧∙80 Minutes $125


Craniosacral Therapy

This form of energy therapy works by optimizing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a vital liquid that nourishes and protects the nervous system and brain. This gentle, light-touch therapy shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery and explores the healing potential of quiet and stillness. Wear yoga or exercise attire. Non RMT.

60 minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Kalola Spa $140∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $95


Canna Massage

Perfect at relaxing, revitalizing and pain relief.  This full-body herbal treatment uses a custom blend of essential oils including hemp-derived CBD.  This treatment includes a take-home blend of our releaf aromatherapy oil. Non RMT,

BENEFITS:: Reduces soreness and muscle pain.  Assists with arthritis pain and join inflammation.  Reduces inflammation due to strain or injury.  Assists with controlling chronic pain.

TRY THIS TREATMENT IF:  You are searching for a relaxation massage and a alternative pain relief

60 minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Kalola Spa $175∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $120


Traditional Thai Massage with Orasa

Relax as your practitioner rhythmically stretches and flexes your body, opening and relieving weary muscles.  Using pressure point stimulation and targeted stretching, Thai massage renews the body’s energy flow while reducing tension and stress. Techniques are performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing

Traditional – 80 Minutes $215∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Locals’ Club $165

Into Session – 60 Minutes $165∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Locals’ Club $115

Add Thai Stem Treatment for an additional $25


4 Hand Duo Massage

Non RMT.

60 minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Kalola Spa $260∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $170



Reiki is a very gentle, yet powerful ancient Japanese method of healing. Natural energy is channeled to cleanse, balance and harmonize your body’s chakra energy centers, promoting overall wellbeing. Reiki is known to boost immunity and the body’s own natural healing ability, reduce anxiety, pain, and stress, restore balance and energy and speed healing. This treatment is done fully clothed or book our Intuitive Massage which is a combination or Relaxation Massage & Reiki.

60 minutes $130∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙Locals’ Club $85


Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of massage practiced by the Polynesian people of Hawaii. Synchronized hand, forearm and elbow movements mimic the waves and tides of the sea. Each stroke nourishes the body, flushes toxins, and melts away muscle tension.

60 minutes with $140∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙80 Minutes  $195 

Locals’ Club 60 minutes $95

80 Minutes  $135 

Intuitive Massage

A combination of our Reiki and Relaxation massage.

This is a unique treatment for each individual. A combination of techniques are used including massage, acupressure, and Reiki. This amazing treatment takes on its own flow and rhythm. This treatment will gently guide you to your own inner healing, facilitating emotional release, mental clarity and an enhanced sense of strength and vitality.  Feel the healing mechanisms of the body begin to emerge and prepare for the deepest level of relaxation, harmony and inner peace.  This service can be upgraded to a Registered Massage treatment.

80 Minutes∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙$200∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙∙Locals’ Club $160

Upon entering the treatment room, your Massage Specialist will instruct you to disrobe and lie down between the sheets on the massage table.

You are welcome to keep as many undergarments on as you feel comfortable, but rest assured you will remain properly draped throughout the service for you to enjoy a relaxing, pampering experience.

If you have a preference for a male or female Massage Therapist/Practitioner, please be sure to make your request upon booking your appointment.