Meet Our Management & Administration Team


“I take a massage each week.

This isn’t an indulgence, it’s an investment in your full creative expression/productivity/passion and sustained good health. – Robin S. Sharma

At Kalola Spa, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of amenities, equipment, and surroundings.

Our greatest strength is in our people and their commitment to fulfilling our promise to our clients of providing the ultimate spa experience with every visit.

All the personal care professionals at Kalola are carefully chosen to ensure their skills are at the highest levels of their particular service specialty. Even more important is that they all embrace the vision, culture, and mission of Kalola to meet our clients’ needs on every level. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we provide our team with regular, in-house learning sessions so they can further update their skills and keep pace with the latest trends and advancements in our industry to keep the Kalola Spa on the leading edge of the spa experience.

∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙ Managment∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙

Carol Barrett-Petten



Alvard Petten


Alvard’s thoughts on Kalola Life and Balance Spa are humble yet passionate and guest driven. Before anchoring in The Blue Mountains Alvard has lived and worked in storied places. A Kalola founder Alvard was born in The Far East, raised in Holland and studied at Cornell. His expansive career in global four-star hospitality management took him to Europe, Africa, Montreal, and Whistler. In life and career, Alvard knows the integral value of being connected to a community wherever you are. He believes everyone needs their place. He proudly sees Kalola as a vital place of personal wellness where world class therapies are uniquely incorporated into a connected community of growth and inclusion within a rich four-season resort culture. Alvard commands an uncompromising standard of authentic guest service at Kalola. He knows the reward of serving others with genuine intent and insists a superior guest experience relies on attention to the little details. He professes, if you deliver a phenomenal guest experience they will come back and when they come back they will want to belong. Alvard works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Kalola’s details are delivered and the guest feels a part of something exceptional.


∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙ Marketing & Design ∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙

Mckinna Barrett

Creative Director

Balance and renewal resonate with McKinna when describing Kalola Spa. The brand culture and progressive community of growth excite McKinna. While she contemplates her next endeavors of Reiki and esthetic massage and envisions Kalola Botanical’s country botanicals retreat destination, McKinna’s main role is leading the creation and custom blending team for Kalola Botanicals for the spa and retail. A passionate ambassador, she proudly insists on using each new botanical blend herself and match’s each person with the perfect product for an optimal outcome. McKinna genuinely intends to connect with everyone that crosses her path. This cherished connection is her catalyst to creativity and customized natural botanicals.  Visit The Body Bar and share your story with McKinna.


Georgia Murphy

Graphic Designer


Allison Ford

Creative Director assistant


∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙ Customer Experience Representatives ∙∙∙✧∙✧∙∙

Melissa Murray

General Manager – Kalola Life In Balance Spa

Melissa maximizes your spa experience and goes above and beyond to assure a seamless, satisfying and serene visit to the spa. Melissa is a passionate matriarch and upon entering the spa she will warmly make you feel welcome to our Kalola Spa family. Her longstanding career at Kalola, tourism background and proud area roots make Melissa tireless in her pursuit of guest service excellence. Melissa’s thirst for learning drives her and she continually qualifies herself to be ready to step in wherever she is needed. A rare combination of skilled frontline provider and support practitioner she puts you in the most capable and nurturing hands. Melissa genuinely desires to give you a renewing and revitalizing spa experience.


Kim Merrifield

Guest Experience Coordinator – Photographer

From the first phone call to her fond farewell, Kim helps guide her guest to a defining experience. A former hair stylist and nail tech Kim holds dearly the therapeutic value and wonder of touch. An instinctual advocate and blue mountain ambassador Kim naturally matches your spa needs and local must sees. Kim’s passion for Kalola and the Blue Mountains is expressed beautifully in her spa and nature photography. Kim aspires for her guest to experience the spa to the fullest the same as she feels that oneness that moment when she captures the perfect photo behind the lens. In all cases, Kim puts herself in her guest’s shoes and goes above and beyond.


Janice Mullen

Guest Experience Coordinator – Stylist

Janice is in constant motion on the frontline and behind the scenes assuring your spa experience is pleasurable.  Kalola allows Janice the excitement and sheer joy of sharing in her guest’s spa rejuvenation. An avid boater Janice fell in love with The Blue Mountains and takes genuine pride in customizing guest experiences blending your requests with her recommendations, maximizing your spa and blue mountain experience. A career stay at home mom and former hairstylist Janice channels her passion for pleasing and nurturing into each guest. The biggest payoff for Janice is when a guest leaves the spa feeling brand new.


Sara Johnston

Guest Experience Coordinator.


Linda Hoff 

Guest Experience Coordinator


Hanna Osburn

Spa Support